Introduction to GTAW / TIG Pipe Course Curriculum: 

Course Description: The GTAW course is designed to teach students about the GTAW process on pipe, proper techniques and electrode selection for welding pipe in various welding positions. Welding pipe in the horizontal position (2G), vertical (5G), and 45 degree angle (6G) positions. Setting up in a 2G, 5G, & 6G position to weld a root pass, hot pass, fill passes, and cap passes all using GTAW to meet ASME welding code. 

Subject Hours: 120 Clock Hours (20 hours lec, 100 hours lab, 00 hours ext) 

Performance Objectives:

  • 1. set up pipe in a 2G, 5G, & 6G position.
  • 2. Weld a root pass with GTAW in the 2G, 5G, & 6G position.
  • 3. Weld a hot pass with GTAW in 2G, 5G, & 6G position.
  • 4. Weld fill passes using GTAW in 2G, 5G, & 6G position.
  • 5. Cap passes using GTAW in 2G, 5G, & 6G position. 

Prerequisites: Admission to program. 

Required Textbooks: Pearson. NCCER Welding Level 3 Trainee Guide, 5th edition. 2015 

Instructional Methods:

  • 1. Lecture
  • 2. Lab
  • 3. Demonstration
  • 4. Cooperative Learning
  • 5. Simulated Work Site 

Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio: 22:1

Weekly Content Outline:

  • Week 1. Safety procedures, lab guidelines, & overview of the GTAW pipe process.
  • Week 2. Introduction to fitting, prepping and cleaning materials, proper grinding techniques, & running a bead.
  • Week 3. Running beads, proper cleaning techniques on welds, cutting using oxy-fuel torch, identify and troubleshoot issues that may arise while welding.
  • Week 4. Welding pipe in the horizontal position (2G).
  • Week 5. Welding pipe in the vertical position (5G).
  • Week 6 Welding pipe in a 45 degree angle (6G) position. 

Basis of Grades:  Tests / Quizzes: 15%, Lab Assignments: 50%, Final Exam: 35%