Introduction to Pipeline Program Curriculum: 

Course Description: Introduction to Pipeline is segments of pipe that are welded together using the SMAW process, running an electrode in a downhill progression in accordance to API 1104 standards. Students will learn to weld 8, 10, 12 inch pipe in the 5G and 6G position. In addition, complete a branch test using 6010 and 8010 electrodes all in the downhill progression.

Subject Hours:  120 clock hour's (20 hours lec, 100 hours lab, 00 hours ext)

Performance Objectives:

  • 1. Orientation to the pipeline welding process.
  • 2. Running electrodes in the downhill progression.
  • 3. Weld 12" pipe in 5G & 6G positions.
  • 4. Weld Branch test.

Prerequisites: Admission to the program.

Required Textbooks: N/A

Instructional Methods:

  • 1. Lecture
  • 2. Lab
  • 3. Demonstration

Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio:  5:1

Weekly Content Outline:

  • Week 1. Safety procedures, lab guidelines, tool usage, setting up and prepping the work area.
  • Week 2. Cutting using oxyacetylene and running beads.
  • Week 3. Running beads downhill in a 5G position. 
  • Week 4. Running beads downhill in a 6G position.
  • Week 5. Running beads in a 5G & 6G position.
  • Week 6. Complete Branch test, cut out straps to bend and nick. 

Basic of Grades:  Tests / Quizzes: 10%  Lab Assignments: 65% Final Exam: 25%