About the owner / instructor:

Merced Arroyo is owner of Mainliners Welding Academy. He is a seasoned pipeline welder who has been in the welding industry for over 15 years. Merced started his welding education at College of The Mainland, in Texas City, TX. From there his welding career started off in a Shipyard. Following the shipyard, Merced moved in to fabrication shops and then progressed to welding in the refineries all over the gulf coast.

In 2004, Merced worked with KBR in Iraq as a lead welder. When he returned to the states, he ventured back into the refineries as a structural/combo pipe welder. Always hungry for more, Merced then moved into Specialty welding and soon reached his ultimate goal - getting his own rig truck and working in the pipeline industry. Merced’s welding history is filled with various field experience starting from the very bottom and raising to the top. Merced looks forward to teaching and mentoring new eager students all the skills he has acquired over the years and giving them the foundation to build their own welding career.